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         Pakistan Institute of Computer Sciences

Our Certified Students

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S NoNameRegistration NoSubject CategoryTest Name%ageCountryCertificate
1 Clifford mumbiCC-00-OL-355586NetworkingNetworking78ZambiaView
2 Yaseen SyedCC-00-OL-0301311Basic ElectronicsTime Response of Reactive Circuits53USAView
3 Waseem MuhammadCC-00-OL-2322479Computer ScienceMaster of Computer Fundamentals83USAView
4 Gerald David DroletCC-00-OL-88098Microsoft Office XPComputer Operator67USAView
5 Gerald David DroletCC-00-OL-88098Computer ScienceComputer Technician62USAView
6 Gerald David DroletCC-00-OL-88098Computer ScienceFundamentals of Computer71USAView
7 Gerald David DroletCC-00-OL-88098Information TechnologyInformation Technology62USAView
8 Gerald David DroletCC-00-OL-88098Computer ScienceInternet & Email82USAView
9 Gerald David DroletCC-00-OL-88098Computer ScienceMaster of Computer Technician58USAView
10 Gerald David DroletCC-00-OL-88098Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Office XP56USAView
11 Gerald David DroletCC-00-OL-88098Operating SystemsMicrosoft Windows 9883USAView
12 Gerald David DroletCC-00-OL-88098Operating SystemsMicrosoft Windows XP73USAView
13 Gerald David DroletCC-00-OL-88098NetworkingNetworking57USAView
14 Osman HassanCC-00-OL-69468Information TechnologyMaster of Information Technology77USAView
15 Muhammad PardesiCC-00-OL-39201Computer ScienceComputer Technician87USAView
16 BILAL YOUNASCC-00-OL-824819Computer ScienceInternet & Email90United Arab EmiratesView
17 Muhammad IdreesCC-00-OL-0178402Information TechnologyMaster of Information Technology70United Arab EmiratesView
18 Raheel RajaniCC-00-OL-7209474Computer ScienceFundamentals of Computer67United Arab EmiratesView
19 Hamis MasenzaCC-00-OL-7127642Microsoft Office XPComputer Operator71TanzaniaView
20 Hamis MasenzaCC-00-OL-7127642Information TechnologyInformation Technology66TanzaniaView
21 NASIR ABBASCC-00-OL-5427045ProgrammingInternet Programming65Saudi ArabiaView
22 Rizwan KhalidCC-00-OL-012818Information TechnologyInformation Technology73Saudi ArabiaView
23 Rizwan KhalidCC-00-OL-012818Computer ScienceMaster of Computer Fundamentals78Saudi ArabiaView
24 RUBICC-00-OL-414176Computer ScienceComputer Technician83Saudi ArabiaView
25 Rani ZaibCC-00-OL-114201Computer ScienceComputer Technician93Saudi ArabiaView
S NoNameRegistration NoCourse TitleDurationCountryCertificate/ Diploma
1 Muhammad Ijaz KhanCC-18-03-05-1540DIPLOMA IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY1 YearUnited Arab EmiratesView
2 Sajjad HussainCC-19-03-03-1547Diploma in Computer Science1 YearUnited Arab EmiratesView
3 Sayed Waqar HaiderCC-18-03-04-1793DIPLOMA IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY1 YearUnited Arab EmiratesView
4 Saqib HanifCC-18-03-05-1675DIPLOMA IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY1 YearUnited Arab EmiratesView
5 Rehman GulCC-18-03-07-1538Diploma In Information Technology2 YearsUnited Arab EmiratesView
7 Mehboob AlamCC-18-03-12-1643DIPLOMA IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY1 YearUnited Arab EmiratesView
8 Fahad SaadCC-04-03-12-1652Computer Technician1 YearUnited Arab EmiratesView
9 Khurram SaeedCC-10-11-12-1742AutoDesk Revit Architect Structure MEP1 YearUnited Arab EmiratesView
10 AFSHAN MOUGHALCC-11-03-10-1797 Certified Accounts Manager6 MonthsUnited Arab EmiratesView
11 Abdul Ghaffar AbidCC-11-03-12-1661 Certified Accounts Manager1 YearUnited Arab EmiratesView
12 Mehboob AlamCC-04-03-11-1558Computer Technician1 YearUnited Arab EmiratesView
13 KAMRAN ALICC-11-11-11-1743 Certified Accounts Manager2 YearsUnited Arab EmiratesView
14 WASEEM RAFIQCC-18-03-11-1744Diploma In Information Technology2 YearsUnited Arab EmiratesView
15 Waheed AbbasCC-19-03-07-1641Diploma in Computer Science2 YearsUnited Arab EmiratesView
16 Faiser MehmoodCC-18-01-03-1583DIPLOMA IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY1 YearUnited Arab EmiratesView
17 Muhammad AkbarCC-18-03-07-1651DIPLOMA IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY1 YearU.K.View
19 TABASSAM ARIFCC-15-12-08-1790Diploma in Computer Networking1 YearU.K.View
20 Rana Sheraz AslamCC-19-03-03-1520Diploma in Computer Science3 YearsSaudi ArabiaView
21 Muhammad Anees AfzalCC-18-03-10-1647Diploma In Information Technology2 YearsSaudi ArabiaView
22 Atif ZaibCC-18-03-10-1636Diploma In Information Technology2 YearsSaudi ArabiaView
23 Syed Imran KhanCC-18-03-12-1738Diploma In Information Technology2 YearsSaudi ArabiaView
24 Syed Tabish Ali CC-01-08-13-1734Computer Operator/Office Assistant6 MonthsSaudi ArabiaView
25 Saeed AkhtarCC-10-03-10-1736Auto CAD 2007 (2D & 3D)1 YearSaudi ArabiaView
S NoStudent NameRegistration NoCourse TitleDurationPercentageCountryCertificate/ Diploma
1 RAJA MUHAMMAD HASEEB UL HASSANTC-M-01-12-01065HSE (SAFETY OFFICER)2 Years80United Arab EmiratesView
2 HAFIZ ABDUL WAHABTC-M-01-10-01208Health, Safety & Environment Engineer2 Years80United Arab EmiratesView
3 SYED MIQDAD HUSSAINTC-M-01-10-01198Graphic & Web Design / Development3 Years81United Arab EmiratesView
4 Muhammad Ahmad SaeedTC-M-01-10-01201Health, Safety & Environment Engineer2 Years76United Arab EmiratesView
5 Umer TariqTC-M-01-10-01216Health, Safety & Environment Engineer2 Years78United Arab EmiratesView
6 Abdul MalikTC-M-01-08-00894ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING2 Years72United Arab EmiratesView
7 Kashif ShahzadTC-M-01-05-00611CIVIL ENGINEERING2 Years75United Arab EmiratesView
8 Qaisar RaheemTC-M-01-08-00914Health, Safety & Environment Engineer2 Years74United Arab EmiratesView
9 Asif RazzaqTC-M-01-08-00926Health, Safety & Environment Engineer2 Years76United Arab EmiratesView
10 Muhammad IrfanTC-M-01-07-00798CIVIL DRAFTSMAN2 Years73United Arab EmiratesView
11 Muhammad AsimTC-M-01-10-01210Health, Safety & Environment Engineer2 Years81United Arab EmiratesView
12 Fazli KhaliqTC-M-01-02-00317Civil Engineering2 Years78United Arab EmiratesView
13 Muhammad IbrahimTC-M-01-02-00302BUSINESS MANAGEMENT2 Years84United Arab EmiratesView
14 Akmal MaseehTC-M-01-08-00908PHARMACY TECHNICIAN2 Years73United Arab EmiratesView
15 Junaid NaveedTC-M-01-02-00336INFORMATION & COMPUTER SCIENCE2 Years77United Arab EmiratesView
16 Sami Ullah MohsinTC-M-01-11-01316Computer Information Technology2 Years77United Arab EmiratesView
17 Aqib AliTC-M-01-10-01232PROCUREMENT, STORES & MATERIAL MANAGEMENT1 Year77United Arab EmiratesView
18 TAHIR MUSHTAQTC-M-01-13-01538HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT2 Years79United Arab EmiratesView
19 Aqeel ahmedTC-M-01-13-01495Health, Safety & Environment Engineer2 Years73United Arab EmiratesView
20 Hafiz Abdul WahabTC-M-01-11-01350Health, Safety & Environmental Engineering2 Years83United Arab EmiratesView
21 Faiz Ul IslamTC-M-01-03-00460HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT2 Years83United Arab EmiratesView
22 IMRAN YOUNAS KHANTC-M-01-10-01272Automotive Technology2 Years81United Arab EmiratesView
23 Mohammad Ghayas uddinTC-M-01-16-01813Emergency Medical Technician Basic2 Months75United Arab EmiratesView
24 Muhammad AliTC-M-01-04-00540Computer Technician3 Years77United Arab EmiratesView
25 BaselTC-M-01-16-01882Emergency Medical Technician Basic2 Months79United Arab EmiratesView
26 Aamir ShahzadTC-M-01-10-01238Agricultural Technology2 Years83United Arab EmiratesView
27 Khurram NawazTC-M-01-06-00749Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC)2 Years81United Arab EmiratesView
28 Naeem Zaman KhanTC-M-01-08-00960DIT (Diploma In Information Technology)2 Years83United Arab EmiratesView
29 Sajjad HussainTC-M-01-01-00352DCS (Diploma In Computer Sciences)2 Years79United Arab EmiratesView
30 Farhan ShaukatTC-M-01-10-01220COMPUTER NETWORKING1 Year71United Arab EmiratesView