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Online Student Testimonials


Name: Farhan Haider
Reg. No: CC-00-OL-155609 Country: Pakistan

It's very impressive way to record our skills into Certified Form!! I am really appreciating this track that's near to obtain our bright future.

Country: Pakistan Reg. No: CC-00-OL-655600

Taking On-line lessons & Tests right here at PICS has been a primary benefit to me. As I work closer to completing my computer training, I have been capable of take advantage of several online classes which has allowed me to be home for my own family while I've time. The publications are nicely laid out and the teachers are supportive and responsible in returning emails. Thank you PICS.

Name: Farhan Haider
Reg. No: CC-00-OL-055511 Country: Pakistan

I am impressed with PICS effort . I think before using PICS my education career was incomplete. I passed lot of Tests without any repeated attempt! I highly recommend PICS for its effectiveness and efficiency.

Name: Clifford mumbi
Country: Zambia Reg. No: CC-00-OL-355586

I. Never knew thata there is a site like this one, since time I registered to this site its really helpful I appreciate to you team Thank you very much pease continue helping us

Reg. No: CC-00-OL-055539 Country: Pakistan

pics is very useful system for computer test.all the team is working honestly.peaple are interested in this program.any one can take this.

Name: Areej
Country: Saudi Arabia Reg. No: CC-00-OL-045149

I got very much help from this. I learned a lot and it;s very interesting too. it's very helpful for every students and also for job seekers.

Name: Aamir Jafar
Reg. No: CC-00-OL-255493 Country: Pakistan

I like Pakistan institute of computer science .This Is very Good web site For Learning about it. i am very happy To use this web site. Thank you so much

Name: Daniyal
Country: Pakistan Reg. No: CC-00-OL-255514

I love you guys. This website is full of education and opportunities.I hope you will continue this mission.You should provide more promotions so that Poor students can get free certificates to endure in their jobs.