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Online Student Testimonials


Name: sajjad hussain
Reg. No: CC-00-OL-2936 Country: Pakistan

I have been able to take advantage of several online classes which has allowed me to be home for my family and work on my work when I have time. The courses are well laid out and the instructors are supportive and responsible in returning emails. Thanks PICS for allowing me to have a flexible schedule while finishing my Courses.

Name: Fahad Ali
Country: Pakistan Reg. No: CC-00-OL-0117172

I like this kind of facility in Pakistan. I was looking for these kind of sites but anyone didn't tried to do this in Pakistan. This will be good for Pakistanis. I want suggestions about my tests in future. And next time i will tried my best. I am studying at UAF in BSIT provide me some suggestions.

Name: Ghulam Jillani
Reg. No: CC-00-OL-6250540 Country: Pakistan

its very goood. online classes make me more inteligent. it's my first experience for online test and i love this website to do so.

Country: Pakistan Reg. No: CC-00-OL-6240496

it is good insitute in pakistan. i am so impresed pics . i am new at pics . i have completed my profile 40% . now i wand to passed its test and get a free certificate .thanks

Name: Sakandar Hayat
Reg. No: CC-00-OL-6240380 Country: Pakistan

I love this site, this is amazing, I really enjoy that. When I see PICS first time on youtube so that attracts me very strongly and with doing anything I directly went to this "" website and after following some instructions and now I have my own account in PICS.

Name: Muhammad Wasif Ijaz
Country: Pakistan Reg. No: CC-00-OL-3188690

PICS is playing a vital role for a student to strengthen their skills. It's the best and efficient method to check where you lie and the best part is you receive a certificate for it. That's some seriously good work... Please continue this to make our profile strong and Pakistan Educated.

Name: Ali Raza
Reg. No: CC-00-OL-6240473 Country: Pakistan

that is a very good facility for all people in the world. i like this facility so i m refer to everyone please join this online study

Name: Amin Ullah
Country: Pakistan Reg. No: CC-00-OL-5240485

this is my massage for all friends. I am so impressed with PICS effort . I think before using PICS my education career was incomplete. I passed lot of Tests without any repeated attempt! I highly recommend PICS for its effectiveness and efficiency.