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Online Student Testimonials


Name: Aman Faheem
Reg. No: CC-00-OL-8250658 Country: Pakistan

Really Great I thank you PICS from the bottom of my heart. You are one of the most generous Website . You are so thoughtful and generous in your gift giving

Name: Muhammad Faizan
Country: Pakistan Reg. No: CC-00-OL-6250635

After a 21-year career as a graphic designer, I returned to PICS to take courses to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. I am very thankful that PICS offers online courses. As a wife and mother of two children, the online format allows me the flexibility to study, complete assignments and collaborate with my online classmates during a 24-hour period, Monday through Sunday. Another benefit of online courses, especially in this economy, is that I can save gas money! Online courses are challenging and seem to require more work than non-online courses, but they are do-able if you pace yourself and stay on top of the assignments. I have taken several online courses so far and would definitely recommend it to other students.

Name: Hafiz Ubaid
Reg. No: CC-00-OL-2250593 Country: Pakistan

Computer is very useful for us A computer is a device that can be instructed to carry out arbitrary sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. The ability of computers to follow ...

Name: Umar Farooq
Country: Pakistan Reg. No: CC-00-OL-0250596

Taking online classes here at PICS has been a major benefit to me. As I work toward completing my Computer Education, I have been able to take advantage of several online classes which has allowed me to be home for my family and work on my work when I have time. The courses are well laid out and the instructors are supportive and responsible in returning emails. Thanks PICS for allowing me to have a flexible schedule while finishing my Courses.

Name: Amir gul
Reg. No: CC-00-OL-0250585 Country: Pakistan

Good job working for free certification and keep it up as u are working this for every one will be happy and we will reffer friends for u ur site will get more and more good

Name: obaid
Country: Pakistan Reg. No: CC-00-OL-2254

I'm extremely pleased with the service I have received from FREE Online Certification System. At times I have large volumes of work that has to the typed within a short time – Online Certification System I have really responded and this has made a huge difference to our ability to meet clients needs. I like the ability to track jobs and the turnaround time is great. I am very happy to have changed to Online Certification System and recommend them without hesitation.

Reg. No: CC-00-OL-0240471 Country: Pakistan

My name is umar yasin ________________ and this is my first year attending PICS. I am currently enrolled in a distance learning class and have completed two other online courses. I work full-time so online classes are very convenient for me. I enjoy the flexibility of being able to do the class work at my convenience. I have found it easy to navigate PICS Blackboard page and uploading assignments are very easy. I also like that online courses have discussion boards so I can connect with other classmates and discuss the class readings. I highly recommend taking a distance learning class at PICS.

Name: Atif Zia
Country: Pakistan Reg. No: CC-00-OL-5250532

I am Atif Zia.I have recently passed some online courses. I found your study material to be very effective and will recommend your product to my friends. I was able to pass all Exams on the first attempt. Thanks again for distributing such a quality exam metirial.