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Online Student Testimonials


Name: Muhammad Arshad Mahmood
Reg. No: CC-00-OL-355856 Country: Pakistan

I began taking ONLINE COURSES! It was essential for me to go to take online courses because of my busy schedule and on-the-go life. I really enjoy taking these online courses: I can collaborate with other students, meet new friends, and achieve the goal of finishing my coursework. Its very amazing.

Name: Tanzeel UrRehman
Country: Pakistan Reg. No: CC-00-OL-2117481

I have really enjoyed my online experience at PICS. The flexibility of the online schedule allows me to finish my degree requirements, while still being able to fulfill my familial and professional responsibilities. The instructors that I have had thus far have been extremely helpful and supportive. I would definitely recommend this format to any student that is looking to further their education, but because of familial and professional responsibilities, are unable to attend classes

Name: Midrar Ul Haq
Reg. No: CC-00-OL-0127979 Country: Pakistan

I have recently passed some online exams. I found your study material to be very effective and will recommend your product to any candidate.

Name: Anees Ahmed
Country: Pakistan Reg. No: CC-00-OL-3127904

I am so impressed with PICS effort . I think before using PICS my education career was incomplete. I passed lot of Tests without any repeated attempt! I highly recommend

Name: Jhangir Bazmi
Reg. No: CC-00-OL-3128002 Country: Pakistan

this site is very interesting one can learn so many things from these websites and test his skills online with accurate results

Name: Jhangir Bazmi
Country: Pakistan Reg. No: CC-00-OL-3127965

great website for learning online and developing multiple skills with official certification i found this site very helping for learning online

Name: Jhangir Bazmi
Reg. No: CC-00-OL-5127958 Country: Pakistan

best website for online certification, i will definatily visit the the main office at rawalpindi for regular certification

Name: Jhangir Bazmi
Country: Pakistan Reg. No: CC-00-OL-0127957

your site is best for online learning it should be appriciated as well i found it very helpful for me. we can learn many skills here online in your site and get certification too